Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Windows: Part II

Fortunately we started planning this house last spring because things are happening very quickly now that we have finally commenced construction. A huge excavator is on site making a real driveway, stumping the lot, putting in the well and digging the foundation hole. I'm hopeful that we will have concrete next week. We got the wood for the timbered floor system yesterday and today I moved the timbers into the shop and laid them out. I should be getting a finalized quote from the panel company tomorrow and am hoping to have panels delivered in three or four weeks-- which means the timber frame needs to be up by then! The timbers were ordered today and hopefully we'll get some key members next week (like the posts) and basically we'll totally crank and hire some help to get it done. It's certainly an ambitious schedule!
My time in the building world has taught me that the more you can plan ahead the better-- both in terms of cost and ease of creation, as well as the quality of the final product. So while I wasn't completely sure this project would happen, I worked on the design all summer. There will no doubt be some surprises along the way, but right now as the pace begins to accelerate I am very glad for every decision that has already been made.

The window schedule, however, has yet to be finalized. This is what I have right now:

The windows are much larger than they appear in the drawings (or the house is smaller than it appears, depending on how you look at it). For instance, the windows in the lower left of the south elevation are approx. 6-6"x3'-10" (pretty big!).

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  1. This is all very exciting! I love the floor plan, very functional, even in the eyes of a mom of 4. I love the placement of the wood stove, as well as the large island with the cook top for Socializing (or watching the children) while cooking. You have clearly put a lot of thought into it all. I am curious about the "interior window". What's the idea behind it? We really enjoyed meeting you both the other night. I truly hope you call on mike to help out with the framing, He would love to learn more about it(I would love him to learn more about it as well) and he would be an extra pair of hands in exchange for the experience. Good luck with everything.-paula