Monday, November 30, 2009


Here are a few examples of designs I find inspirational for our house project. Each is fairly simple in form with inviting entrances, generous overhangs and interesting windows. They are not particularly edgy designs, but each house looks like a place I would want to live.

And this is what I do not want the house to look like. (With apologies to the owner, it's not horrible, just not what I would choose to create.)

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  1. This project is so neat! I love reading about your thoughts regarding house design. I had never consciously considered windows, but now that you point it out they do play a huge part in defining how a house looks and feels inside and out. I think it is especially inspiring that you are trying to figure out how to make a well-designed, eco-friendly house affordable. I have noticed that the "green built" houses in Seattle tend to be horribly expensive (and big!). The site is beautiful. Can't wait to hear/see more!