Wednesday, March 17, 2010


While the house is still a pile of timbers in front of the shop, I have finally chosen the windows, which for me feels like a big step forward. After looking into various options for wood interior and exterior windows, we are going to go with Marvin Integrity windows. The interiors of the Integrity windows are wood, while the outsides are pultruded fiberglass. While I still like the idea of stained wood on the exterior, the price point is a little high and I think fully wood windows could be a negative for a future owner of the house due to the upkeep wood requires. We looked closely at a Canadian window manufacturer called Norwood, but while I really liked them, it seems prudent to go with a clad window.
I would like to de-emphasize the non-glazing parts of the window so I think going with the dark brownish exterior finish called "bronze" will blend well with the stained pine clapboards.

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